Forum Guidelines & Rules

  • Forum Guidelines & Rules

    Guidelines & Rules can be changed / supplemented at any time without any prior notice. Please check the rules changes from time to time.

    Community Guidelines

    • Behave with civility and politeness. Refrain from using indecent language, threads that attack or otherwise harassment to specific people or users.

    • Before you create a topic, discover the sections and see if such topic has already been created. If you have something to add, then write in it, duplicate topics will be deleted, as they make the forum unorganised and cluttered.

    • Use English Language only in forum, for other languages you may visit Local sections in forum.

    • If you ask a question in the topic, make sure that you discuss the question, and provide your insight first.

    • Topics that do not make sense or are just stupid will be deleted.

    • If you receive a warning from a staff member ( Admin / Moderator ), then you need to take it into account what happened and ensure you don't do it again.

    • All violations of the forum rules detected by users should report it to the moderators or admin.

    Common Rules

    1. Racism and hate speech is prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent suspention of account.
    2. HYIP, PONZI, PYRAMID schemes and any of other illegal activities are not allowed to be advertised anywhere in the forum.
    3. Pornographic / Racist / Indecent content will be removed.
    4. Referral links for legitimate sites and Website Advertising is allowed but only if it is made aware to the reader, and posted in the appropriate section of the forum.
    5. No any project can have more than 1 promotional post.
    6. Baseless price speculation, misleading comparison charts, shilling, repetitive posts will be removed.
    • Username, Avatars and Signatures
    1. Pornographic / Racist / Indecent / Advertising content is not allowed in Usernames.
    2. Pornographic / Racist / Indecent content / picture is not allowed in Avatars and Signatures.
    • Topic Names
    1. Topics should be relevant to the forums in which they are posted.
    2. Topics must not be links to other sites / web content.
    • Topics / Posts
    1. Message should be relevant to the Topic name.
    2. Posts containing only of a URL, Image or Emoticons will not be allowed.
    3. Spam topics / posts are not allowed.
    4. Copying and pasting of articles (fully or partially) from elsewhere, without providing links to the source is not allowed.
    5. Bumping is allowed once per 24 hours.
    • Spamming
    1. Topics / Posts that are abusive, or otherwise unwanted on this forum are considered to be spam.
    2. Posts that consists of links to websites, with the goal of increasing search engine visibility, which contributes nothing to the topic in question.
    3. Posts that contributes nothing to the topic in question, just single word or one liners who's sole purpose is to increase the post count.

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