• 🔥Hello Royal family! Today i want feedback about our cr System , which things you like on cr and dislike, just comment bellow and give full review

    And soon we go for big update so we need your help to add Good features, from our valuables users choice, so just comment bellow what's new things you all want to add in next update, Thnx



    USERNAME :- Amanku
    REVIEW :-..........

  • Hello, I have small suggestions, a weekly bonus could be added login first day x prize, second x prize until the seventh day.

    a faucet roulette, which could only be used once every 24 hours, which could pay 3x more than the faucet.

    More attractive game chats, tournaments, something more attractive than just betting. thank you.

  • @Amanku
    Username: obs3rve
    Review: Casino Royale, to me, is not just a casino. It is an institution. It should be the standard to which all web-based gambling establishments compare themselves. That being said, I would like to see Casino Royale's rendition of a crash game. I would also love it if the dice game had flashbetting or lightning betting similar to gigabet or duckdice. Dividends for bankroll investors would be another cool addition to your features. And whatever you do, guys, never start doing KYC. Please, you are among the last on the front lines of the war on internet censorship and you are a behemoth. We need you to stay anon-friendly. All in all, you get ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me, without any need for improvement of any kind. Thanks for being awesome!

  • Users Name:- Alex07

    I think there are no need Faucet, any amount depo automatically same withdrew.

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  • USERNAME: kikisanzaya
    Review Casinoroyaledice profesional Gambling website, play since 2018, very profesional, because all transaction have done on time you must play and try if tu not trus

  • Username: Kituno
    Review: CasinoRoyale its a good site, good unlimited faucets and a true minimum bet amount.
    In the next update, a level bar with percent can be added(or something similar), will be good.

  • @Amanku
    Username: Raoeng
    Review: I love to play dice on Casino royale
    As long as da site still paying I think it's good
    Fast wd would be nice

  • USERNAME :- ginigoen

    REVIEW :-

    • for next update, can u add streak on win/lose setting for classic dice

    • CR is amazing site, but why so many players/users gone?
      Simple, no one likes to wait too long..

    Withdrawal process takes too long, and people don't like it..
    It doesn't matter if the process is manual, 0-1 hours is still okay ... but if it reaches 3-12 hours it's not worth it

    why am i saying this? because I lost a lot of referrals, and few want to be invited to join again


  • User name :dicekiller
    Casinor royale is a fair channel and its a best site in gambling world. Ita wd system is most advance then all casino sites. Moderator of this site is so good and helpfull i like only casinoroyale.

  • username: usman98
    The Casinoroyale.bet is best and fair site over the world, Mr Amanku is my favourite mod. I suggest that CR should announce mini exchange .

  • @hksridhar yeah, i like their withdrawal system too! they will block you if you win big and they will never pay you back. nice job casinoroyale!

  • I hope to see more great events and giveaways in future updates.
    I like this colorful casinoroyale.bet.
    I'm happy to play here.
    Username: FanTasy

  • @Amanku said in 🔥FEEDBACK + UPCOMING UPDATE +BONUS💰:

    USERNAME :- marnilce
    REVIEW :-.Legend tag draw every 30 minutes. Option to buy legend too. The legend user get 1000 sat btc in faucet.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • User Name: Invincible2925
    Review: Casino Royale Site Is Growing Emerging Site Of New Generation .There Are Many Game But I Like The Worlds Best Popular Classic Dice Game Here To The Hilt..9990X Multiplier Is Very Interesting Lucrative I Love It..We Can Earn Here While Having Fun.. Here Probably Fair System Is Great As Compare To Other Sites Thats Y I Like To Be Here... Supporting Staffs..Team Mates.. Higher Head All Are Great Helpful..I Want To Work For CR Seeing It's Great Refferal System..Below Are Some Points I Want To See In Future

    1.Total Wagered Amount Should Be Seen In Btc Aggregating All Crypto Wagered
    2.Hindi Chat Room Availability
    3.While Sign Up Mobile No.Should Also Be Taken So That If Any New Event Or Any Giveaway Or Special Updation Is There Information Sent To Mobile No.This Can Make Active To Non Active Users
    4. In Future Users DOB Should Be Taken & His Age Should Be Seenable There Near By Level & M Character For Male & F For Female Also There... So That People Talk Or Crack Joke Respectly As Per The Age Or Gender
    5.Level Should Be Increased While Messaging In Chat Room I Mean Per Message Some Points..
    AS Of Now This Much Things In My Mind..In Future If I Feel Any Idea.Or Features To Be Aded I Will Tell You.. Thanx Casino Royale.. I Am Very Happy To Be A Member Of CR Family..Jai Ho🙏🙏

  • Casinoroyale is great site everyone is enjoying
    Username: zahidsuleman

  • My favourite game is casino royale.
    Users: Alex07

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