• YuckFou 5 minutes ago
    username: YuckFou

    banned because of "tipping collector" (and what kind of violation is that??? ). almost a week now and nothing happens to my account. won 2.8million bcn. exchange and withdraw 2003xrp, unpaid. lazy support. i know after posting this, they will ban me to this forum also. i never cheated, they do. they just keep ignoring me... i played 777, and here is one of the proof of my winning

    they keep investigating, i did no wrong. what kind of dev. they have??? ... to be continued... casinoroyale is the best! PWE!!!

  • this casino is operating illegally in the uk, they haven't got a uk license for it. They are accepting minors and exploiting UK players. shame on you

  • @YuckFou Hello,

    Do you still face any kind of issue?

  • @goldenberg21 i laughed so hard with your statement " has not been paused". what do you call with account that you can not log in anymore? and an account without the support chat???... Exploring suspicious activities? its more than a week now and until now there is no development, i was expecting for an answer but your team replied once in a full blue moon.... i am not a criminal to wait for any verdict. i did nothing wrong. i just played, i had the luck. I WIN so you PAY.

  • There is no issue with tipping and your account has not been paused due to tipping activities, we are exploring your suspicious activities and will have final verdict in several hours;

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