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  • What Features or Changes would you suggest?

    Some general Feedback about Game Design and Feel

    Few improvement to games in mobile interface if you add Live stats on mobile its looks better .. Another improvement when play game on autobet in Mobile or Computer suddenly network connection lost and network connection back again but autoroll did not start .Autoroll stuck on here ..Then stop autoroll and start again ..i hope you improve it when connection back autoroll instantly start again in same position ...(Thank you i love this site )

  • Nice game, we played it's with enjoys

  • If we have a game here (online poker). I can take a training course from beginner to professional here. And we can have an online tournament every day

  • @Bismark
    My favorite games on pandora is Dragons bless .
    Maybe Crash game or Hi Low is a recommended games.
    The lag in the game might be an obstacle for all players in the casino royale, so maybe that should be corrected a little.
    For other things I think it's good enough 👍

    Goodluck For Casino Royale
    Username : Munandar1986

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  • @Bismark said in Pandora Reviews, Opinions and Suggestions:

    What Games would you like us to add next?

    hello . I think . If we can add (Texas Hold'em poker online) to site games. We can create more excitement on the site. (Because I am an online poker player, I can invite many players to the site only in my country, Iran.) If we have a Texas Hold'em poker game here. I have some interesting suggestions for that

    Casino Royal Username : jalalt007

    This is an excited gaming site. I feel happy to join this site

  • my fave pandora game is plinko becasue of the sounds and if it hits big its really godd but i cant use it on phone
    I would like PVP bismarks lets get itt
    i think that you should allow pandora on mobile as well as pc
    i think that you should update games like dragons bless they look wierdly 2d even pandora dice i dont play it much cuz of how it looks
    allow bets to be shared from pandora games witthout screenshot please
    Thank You For my chance at 500 doge :D

  • Tobiloba2006

    1, What're your Favorite Pandora - Games, and why?....Plinko and Dices.....

    What Games would you like us to add next?.....Crash

    How could we improve the Pandora Experience for you?.......Plinko is slow in loading and also Dragon Bless.....this is not encouraging me especially to play it...bcos at times it hang my system

    What Features or Changes would you suggest?.......On dragon bless work on that to be flexible and easily loading will encourage people like to play it

    Some general Feedback about Game Design and Feel....You guys are great but to me on dragon bless and plinko you need to work on that to be flexible ...Thanks

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